About Us

CEEE Direct Caribbean’s first Energy Efficient Equipment Directory provided by the Caribbean Energy Information System (CEIS) to assist sensitizing Caribbean consumers on the various types of energy efficient equipment available, where to purchase them and benefits to be derived from their use. The CEEE Direct also provides the perfect medium through which manufactures, retailers and importers of energy efficient equipment can advertise their products while having direct linkages to the consumers seeking these products. This revolutionized approach will allow greater access to directory services, thus allowing a more targeted and cost effective approach to direct advertising and listing through our online platforms (CEEBIP, CIPORE and CIPPET).

Our Promise to You

To provide quality energy information service to all our clients consumers, businesses, researchers, students, business (small and large) clients, by providing them with a directory service that gives energy efficient equipment suppliers greater access to their current customers and potential customers while providing information to consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.