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One online energy efficient directory hosted on three major energy information platforms (CEEBIP, CIPORE and CEEBIP) having over 15, Million combined hits and over 35,000 regular monthly users (growing).

This is why the CEEE Directory is right for you!

  • CEEE Directory allows you to tailor your advertising to each of your target markets without paying for the use of different artwork.


  • A survey conducted on our three major online platforms saw over 80% of respondents indicating need for an online energy efficient equipment directory that would allow them to identify the most efficient energy equipment and the closest supplier to their location. The CEEE Directory will depict the Caribbean – building a sense of ownership with the users of the region.


The CEEE Directory is hosted by the Caribbean Energy Information System (CEIS) thereby providing a targeted approach to marketing and local relevance to Caribbean consumers.

Cost Effectiveness

icon1CEEE Direct provides comparatively more cost effective approach to advertising by providing various advertising options to choose from and an option to customize your Ads based on your spending power.

Wide Reach

icon2There will be multi-channeled access to CEEE Directory information – future plans to have CEEE Direct accessible on mobile phones.

To start getting the benefits of advertising with us, email us at leave us a message below indicating your desire to register with us.

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